Our Clients • Our Results

Our clients include the following companies.

  • Ontario Hydro – Toronto, Ontario
  • Norcan Leasing – Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Ottawa Hydro – Ottawa Ontario
  • EZ Car Rental – Orlando, Florida
  • Advantage Car Rental – San Antonio, Texas
  • Advantage Car and Truck Rental – Toronto, Ontario
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism – St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • Georgian College – Barrie, Ontario
  • Discount Car and Truck Rental – Toronto, Ontario
  • Navlynx (Air IQ) – Pickering, Ontario
  • AXN Canada – Toronto, Ontario
  • Powerband Global – Burlington, Ontario

Our services include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Operation, Training and Image Manual preparation for new franchisors
  • New Business start up including Business plans, cash flow analysis etc
  • Existing Operational analysis and recommendation
  • Fleet Purchasing, Maintenance recommendations and re-marketing guidance
  • Management Controls
  • Internet Sales and Marketing insight and recommendation
  • Website development, design and implementation
  • Custom reporting from existing database
  • Technology recommendations and best practices
  • Analysis of potential franchise affiliations
  • Review of Current or Planned purchase of technology
  • Revenue Management strategies
  • Local Sales and Marketing analysis and recommendation
  • Acquisition and Divesture analysis

Results are in random order and not specific to the companies listed above.

  • Provided new franchisors with Disclosure documents, franchise agreements, operation and training manuals
  • Developed and built websites for many businesses including online rental reservations
  • Wrote and taught course material on the car rental industry
  • Provided "best practices" recommendations to car rental operations
  • Analyzed the current business
  • Provided operational guidance
  • Designed and implemented new database for special statistical information
  • Planned and implemented dedicated servers for daily operations
  • Prepared prospectus for the purpose of sale of the business
  • After analyzing travel requirements, gave recommendations to corporations to secure lowest possible car rental expense
  • Acted as a conduit between car rental supplier and customer
  • Provided insight into the car rental industry for corporations and government agencies
  • Assisted with new rental operations
  • Provided full payroll services and reporting

Assessing how best to assist with your project, existing systems or developing a new system is our first step. The automotive industry continues to evolve in its delivery systems to customers, back–end systems and reporting⁄evaluating systems. Optimizing your approach is critical to avoid being bogged down in processing and not having enough critical analysis of information. That is where we start, refining needs and wants within your business.

After this initial assessment and working with you we advise how to take advantage of this new outlook. Decision making steps that will maximize your returns in all aspects of your business. Fresh eyes on any project or plans are very important to stay objective. What technology, how to use it effectively or transitioning to technology is what our consulting company can do for your car and truck rental company or the fleet department within your company.

Both the franchise and head office can always use an objective view of current operations or future plans. Consulting to existing automotive business owners, new automotive business owners and consulting to senior management has always been part of our business profile.

Then, we help to develop the system, strategy and training to maximize your benefit of assessing your business. Helping with training, support, follow–up and monitoring the project is all part of developing a new project.

Then, we help to develop the system, strategy and training to maximize your benefit of assessing your business. Helping with training, support, follow–up and monitoring the project is all part of developing a new project.

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Wilkinson Thomas Consulting follows through with each client. We offer telephone⁄email support for all of our customers regarding any of the topics that were addressed. So often management needs support for new or revised projects – they have our support. Consulting to the automotive industry and automotive departments within corporations is our focus.

Wilkinson Thomas Consulting focuses on the most important part of consulting to the automotive industry: your results. When we assess, advise and develop any project large or small, our focus is to get you results. As consultants, we always want our work to benefit you and your company.