Assess • Advise • Develop

Sometimes a business owner or a director can have more
questions than answers!

Managing any automotive fleet, a car rental company, purchasing department or fleet department can be as depreciating to management as the assets themselves.

Is the reporting system or software the problem? You don't even have software? Can't get from point "A" to point "B" even though you own 600 vehicles? Doing things the same old way even though you know they need to be refined and updated?

RentLite and RentLite Express

Lite on your resources, Lite on your staff and training, Lite on cost but fully functional.

Wilkinson Thomas Consulting Can Help

Assessing how best to assist with your project, existing systems or developing a new system is our first step as consultants. The automotive industry continues to evolve in its delivery systems to customers, back–end systems and reporting⁄evaluating systems. Optimizing your approach is critical to avoid being bogged down in processing and not having enough critical analysis of information. That is where we start as a consultant; refining needs and wants within your business.

Wilkinson Thomas Increase Profit and Training After this initial assessment and consulting with you, we advise how to take advantage of this new outlook. We assist you with decision making steps that will maximize your returns in all aspects of your business. Fresh eyes on any project or plans are very important to stay objective. What technology, how to use it effectively or transitioning to technology is what our consulting company can do for your car and truck rental company or the fleet department within your company. In this phase, our experience in the car and truck rental business allows us to act as an effective consultant.

Both the franchise and head office can always use an objective view of current operations or future plans. Consulting to existing automotive business owners, new automotive business owners, purchasing managers and consulting to senior management has always been part of our business profile.

Then we help to develop the system, strategy and training to maximize the benefit of the assessment of your business. Helping with training, support, follow–up and monitoring the project is all part of development.

Fleet Management

Wilkinson Thomas Consulting follows through with each client. We offer telephone⁄email support for all of our customers regarding any of the topics that were addressed. So often management needs support for new or revised projects – they have our support. Consulting to the automotive industry and automotive departments within corporations is our focus.

Allowing technology and "out of the box" thinking how technology can increase productivity, offer better customer service and allow you to compete with even the largest competitors is critical. When price point pressure increases on car rentals and truck rentals it is imperative that owners and managers look for non–traditional solutions to maintain profit levels.

Does your website need a facelift or possibly an overhaul? Can your customers get the service they want from your website? Not even sure what customers want from your website? Customers love using the internet for car rental and truck rental reservations and communication. Make sure that you are offering the types of online service that is expected. We consult in all areas of internet marketing.

We work in conjunction with ACCRO – Associated Canadian Car Rental Operators which is a Canadian company dedicated to the continuous improvement of the Canadian car and truck daily rental industry.

Fleet management, transportation purchasing and the car and truck rental industry is where we as a consultant focus our services. We offer assistance to existing and new projects and management of any size fleet or car and truck rental company. Just ask us and we will begin consulting to your business immediately. Contact us now!

Purchasing managers can benefit from having our resources and experience provide assistance and an unbiased opinion. Better information usually leads to better decisions and better results.

Who We Are

Roger Wilkinson, formerly of National Car and Truck Rental and Hertz Car and Truck Rental, has many years of experience increasing profits in a variety of companies. Roger Wilkinson has helped large companies such as Ontario Hydro and small franchise owners to increase customer satisfaction, increase profits and develop management systems. From writing franchise disclosure documents, improving every aspect of management and even preparing a company for sale, Wilkinson Thomas Consulting can assess, advise and develop.

John Thomas, formerly of Discount Car and Truck Rental and Advantage Car and Truck Rental, has many years of experience developing web sites, car rental reservation systems, database management and management systems. John Thomas has a strong background in sales, sales management, online sales and internet sales. Increasing profit through the use of internet based reservation systems is a specialty. Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia can charge in excess of 20% of your hard earned money for every reservation. Wilkinson Thomas Consulting can develop your own reservation system to increase your profitability and develop your own brand rather than their brand.

RentLite Fleet Management System

Our car rental operating system designed specifically for the small to mid-size car rental or truck rental company is available to help as well. Our system allows owners to computerize their operation with a full, cloud-based rental software system. Our system gives you an opportunity to update your operation, without any up–front cost and energy. You can maintain all of the normal flexibility that you have as a business owner without generating everything manually. Save money, update controls and have better reporting! RentLite - Car Rental Management System On-demand Software

Wilkinson Thomas Consulting focuses on the most important part of consulting to the automotive industry: your results. When we assess, advise and develop any project large or small, our focus is to get you results. As consultants, we always want our work to benefit you and your company.

RentLite Express

Our newest cloud–based management system called RentLite Express is for companies, government departments and any organization needing to better utilize fleet, track and deploy any inventory items including but not limited to cars, vans and trucks. RentLite Express can be used to track any shared inventory item such as cameras and specialty field equipment.

This fully mobile–ready system allows staff to reserve, utilize and track any piece of inventory. Calendars and reports are the basis of this easy to use, dynamic system.

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